I woud like to impement a AI in a roblox game

Hey I made an AI that can learn to reconise images, you just need to give it the images and tell it what they are and it will learn on it’s own!
(this is not a precice description of what it dose)

its coded in Ipython, woud it be possible to impement it in a game?

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On a rudimentary scale, this could be implented by instancing new values or creating new attributes for each “memory”. You’d also need to save all data with data stores.

See the path below:

  1. Action LEARN - Press GUI Button
  2. Send remote event with passed in values.
  3. Play any animations (optional) if AI is humanoid.
  4. Instance in values into the AI.
  5. Save data on PlayerAdded/PlayerRemoving.
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i’l try soon, thank you very mutch!!

You can’t run python scripts in Roblox, but you can set up a web server that does it and communicate with it using HTTPService

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