I would like some feed back on my showcase

I’m open to suggestions, feel free to give them. Here is the game link.

When creating this I took inspiration from Toyokawa Inari Shrine, made by @nezko


The showcase its cool, there is noting much to say other than the statue

I don’t know what did you tried to do with this particular samurai statue, but it looks weird
and i think you should do some rework in the body or fix it.

Other than that its a nice quality showcase.

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Looks neat! Although the lighting is kind of off. And I don’t know what it’s for though.

Looks cool, could use more stuff to find and look at.

It’s a cute little island. How much of it was made in an external software? I found some kind of firefly ball (probably a test, but yanno…) and the main buildings roof could use more detail as it looks “messy”. I donated in support of your game, can’t wait to see new updates. good job

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I have been needing to work on the roof for a while now. And ty so much for the donation! :smiley:

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Oh okay, What would you say is rong with the lighting?

Okay, I will fix it :slight_smile:

Ohh, I like it! The graphics are pretty stunning. Good job!

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New update! if you want to go check it out!