Iam have troubles with MeshPart collision, the collision dont work as expected

I tried make my game map on blender, only the base, and i imported to roblox, but the colision have a lot of problems, holes in the map don’t work, reliefs don’t work either, I don’t know why

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You shouldn’t use meshparts where you know players are going to collide with them because the collision map of meshparts isn’t great on Roblox. This is especially true for terrain.

Unless you really know what you’re doing and have a plan for when the collisions don’t work, fixing the issue after finding it’s an issue takes more time than just making the terrain out of Parts.

Terrain dont lag? People said lag a lot

Terrain has a fairly large memory use, but the fact that it has it’s own collision map and texture, it’s expected. If you’re using it as it was intended and not making extremely large maps with it, it’s usually fine.

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Problem that IS my map

You could make this out of Terrain, or make it out of Parts, but Meshparts are not intended for this use case.