[size=1]I need that hat for real I cry evertime[/size]

The flying feels REALLY good.

cue song


Holy crud! Can someone please turn this jetback into a gear?

This is what I needed this morning.

Needs more racing and/or giant set pieces.

Edit: Actually, put that together with this:

Chocolate and peanut butter.

There was a really detailed and interesting ‘roleplay’ with the two people I’m sitting with, never done one before but was alright :imagine:

This just reminded me how much I want /e sit.

I love the poses because I have a lot of fun posing myself to silently watch roleplayers do their thing rather than being directly involved in the roleplaying myself.

Speaking of which I got to watch people gather to mourn the death of a Doge, and the following questionable discussions.

EDIT: Revisited to spook kids that enter the temple thing by sitting there like this with no name* and teleporting away if anyone approached. Didn’t take too long for a familiar name to appear. A bit disappointed he never came to the temple thing though.

[size=2]*does that work? I assumed since spaces show in custom names, making my name a single space would make me nameless.[/size]

because i can so i do

roblox needs heli skiing…


Is this game supposed to mimic the real icarus games? (Icarus, Guns of Icarus Online, etc). Guns of Icarus Online is absolutely amazing. I play the game quite frequently with my friends and hope someone brings it to Roblox one of these days. xD. It’s like, Galleons on Roblox, if you’ve ever played that. Except in the sky and with steam punk floating boats.

Looks really great so far.

(Somewhat Related: