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Here at Iceberg Hotels we love having alliances not only to help other groups but to build a great repore! We are always open to new alliances, we just have a few regulations that we require for our alliances. If you meet the criteria feel free to contact anyone from our Communications Department, we will then be sure to discuss the possibility of forming an alliance and you may expect a reply within 48 hours!

Alliance Requirements
  • Your group must obtain at least 15,000+ non-botted members.

  • Your group must have a Discord server obtaining 250+ members.

  • You must be willing to announce any events we have going on if asked; communication is key.

  • You must have up to two representatives willing to represent your group in our Discord server.

  • You should have a nearly complete Management Team and remain growing at a steady pace.

  • Your group must be professional and well-rounded.

  • Group must not sell SHR ranks.

  • Community needs to be nontoxic (meaning they have no history of doxxing, sending threats, raiding, bullying, etc.

  • If we accept your application, there will be a 3 strike system. If we find something inappropriate / something that we do not tolerate, we will strike you. (3 strikes = Termination + Blacklist)

Alliance Form Format

[1] What is the name of your company?

[2] Why do you want to form an alliance with Iceberg Hotels?

[3] Why do you believe that Iceberg Hotels and your company would form a great alliance together?

[4] How many members does your group currently have?

[5] How will we benefit from forming an alliance with you?

[6] Describe to us a little bit about what your group is and what it presents.

[7] Do you agree to announce all of our events, as we’d do the same?

[8] Who are the main representatives associated with your group?

[9] What is your communications server?

[10] Do you understand we have the right to update our Affiliation Requirements at all times and that if you do not meet it you will be removed?

On behalf of the Iceberg Hotels Communications Department, we want to thank you for taking the time to submit an alliance request to us. We wish you nothing, but the very best of luck. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact anyone with the Communications Department role.

Iceberg hotels™ & The Public Relations Division

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