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:wave: Welcome to the Icesy Cafe and Parlour public handbook!

Hello, and welcome to Icesy’s public handbook. Here you can find important information on how our group works and you can also see important announcements posted below in the replies! If you have any questions or concerns either DM a HR+ on our Discord server (13+), invite found in the social area of the group. Have a good read!


General Information

:wave: Introduction

Welcome to the General Information section of our wonderful Public Handbook. Here, you will find the group’s background, some history on it, our goal, executive members, department heads, and of course, there’s more! Any questions, don’t fret to ask it in our communications server.

:books: Icesy’s History

Founded by ronltxo on 11/30/20, Icesy is an upcoming Ice Cream parlor, that acquires the most satisfying sweets and refreshments for our customers to obtain. We aim to present a creative and innovative experience for individuals to provide interaction, learn new possibilities, stretch out the limits, and get satisfied while making products to obtain a captivating atmosphere for all of our customers to experience. Our staff takes the time out of their day to ensure that you are reaching our happiness, assistance, and enjoyment to cherish and make numerous recollections. We want everyone the best that clicks join! This is why we pay staff. Why not take a ride and get to know us today?

:briefcase: Leadership and Administration within Icesy

The Executive team here at Icesy Is responsible for overseeing all operations within or involving Icesy. While all members of the team are treated with the same amount of respect, The different roles are all given different permissions and abilities to execute tasks, so to help aid this issue in enforcing this, we have split the ranks into 2 brackets; The Administration team, and the Executive team. While the Administration team is considered as HR, in the end, the HR bracket and the SHR bracket have nearly the same abilities, but the Executive team does have the final say in a decision and has more experience.

Listed below are the members of the Executive team


Board of Directors

Vice Chairperson

Executive Director

Executive Assistant

:link: Group Social Links

Communications: Since posting Discord invite links is breaking DevFourm TOS and will not allow this to be posted, I will be attaching the group link instead and you will be able to find the link on the group description. Remember, you are required to be age 13 or above to join.
Group: Icesy - Roblox

Rules and Guidelines

:scroll: Rules and Guidelines

Here at Icesy, we have rules set in place to ensure a good experience for both new guests and customers all the way to some of our most experienced staff and newly trained staff or to our allied groups coming to visit. While it’s obvious that the Senior High rank staff do not have to follow the exact same rules as someone who just found the group, all staff and guests are expected to comply with some general rules to ensure a good experience for all. For obvious reasons, I have left out a few common sense things or rules may not be perfectly detailed because common sense is expected to be used. Do note that you are required to follow Roblox’s TOS/Discord’s TOS depending on the platform, and these rules do apply for both our Discord server and our Roblox games. So, without further ado, here are;

:pushpin: Icesy’s general Rules and Guidelines

Rule 1 - No advertising

This rule should be self-explanatory. This involves sending DMs to members with a group invite or sending messages in the games speaking about different groups/games in a manor that could be taken as advertising.

Rule 2 - No bullying/harassment

Again, quite self-explanatory. Icesy tries to be a family friendly community and it really wouldn’t help if someone is going out and bad talking another player, religion, community, ethnicity or beliefs.

Rule 3 - Personal Information

As stated in the name, Personal Information is Personal Information, that means it is not to be publicly shared. This includes; full name (including last name), your home address, the school you go to, or information like credit card numbers. So, do not share your or anyone else’s information that could be considered as personal. If you find anyone that is sharing someone else’s personal information or their own, report it to a member of HR+ and we will deal with it how we see fit. Do note that sharing your first name is not considered personal information, unless you don’t want other people knowing

Rule 4 - Inappropriate Content

As we are a Family Friendly community, sending any Inappropriate Content, including messages and images, is heavily frowned upon. If you find anyone breaking this rule, report it immediately.

Rule 5 - Drama

This rule is in place because there are younger people in the group that tend to lash out at people for not getting their way, and a way to get rid of that, is to report them for it to HR+ that way it’ll be dealt with. Another reason for this rule being in place is that too much drama is bad for your mental health. So if you find someone being overly dramatic or creating unneeded drama, report it, and don’t participate in it.

Rule 6 - Ghost pinging/tagging [DISCORD RULE]

Why? It is unbelievably annoying. Most people hate waking up in the morning to see a bunch of mentions and to see no one has pinged you for any good reason. This rule also applies to spam pinging.

Rule 7 - Spamming

Almost the same as rule 6, it is really annoying. We do not allow people to spam in chats, doesn’t matter if it is for Discord or in Roblox chats. This rule also forbids spam pinging.

Rule 8 - Loopholes

These rules are put in place for a reason, so we really do not appreciate it if people decide to use loopholes to break the rules. If you either find a loophole yourself, or you find someone abusing a loophole, report it to HR+.

Rule 9 - Underaged chatting [DISCORD RULE]

Being underaged on Discord is a huge red flag and it is frowned upon by staff in servers and Discord employees alike. We know there will always be people in the server that are underaged, but to knock down on this, if you find out that anyone is underaged, report it to the Moderation department with proof.

Rule 10 - Use common sense

Think before you act. Is the message you are about to send going to get you in trouble? If so, don’t send it.

If we find someone breaking a rule, the Moderation department will deal with it as we deem necessary and based on the severity of the rule broken.

Punishment appeals

:page_with_curl: Punishment Appeals

So, you’ve been banned or warned and you would like a second chance or you feel the punishment was dealt incorrectly, well I am going to tell you how you can appeal. NOTE: THERE IS A COOLDOWN FROM WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN PUNISHED AND WHEN YOU CAN SEND AN APPEAL. THE COOLDOWN WILL BE TOLD IN THE WARNING/BAN MESSAGE. IF THERE IS NO COOLDOWN ADDED, IT IS EITHER PERMANENT OR THERE IS NO COOLDOWN.

:balance_scale: Appeal format

  • Discord and Roblox username:
  • Game or Discord ban:
  • Type of punishment (i.e. Warning, Ban, Staff blacklist, Staff demotion, etc):
  • Why you think the punishment should be reversed:
  • A sincere apology that reflects your actions:

DM any member of the Internal Affairs/Staff Relations department (depending on your punishment) with your appeal.

Ranking Information

:identification_card: Rank Information

For the convenience of all, the ranks in Icesy have been split into 5 sections and each section has their own permissions and abilities.

:ice_cream: Customers

  • Hungry Customer - Any member who joins.
  • Noted Customer - Retired staff, friends of the SHR team, and any noted/important member of the community.
  • Affiliate Representative - The Representative staff sent from an allied group.

:icecream: Low Rank (LR)

  • Trainee - The lowest staff role. Rank can be raised by attending a training session or by being noticed many times by SHR staff.
  • Junior Scooper - The role given to Trainees after their first training. Can rank up by going to another training session.
  • Senior Scooper - The last role earned by staff for going to trainings. Can rank up by being noticed by HR+.
  • Shift Leader - The very last LR role. Shift Leaders have the ability to co-host in shifts and they have the ability to be a helper in training sessions. Can rank up by being active and by being noticed by HR+. First role to get Moderator permissions in game.

:shield: Middle Rank (MR) - Game Moderators/Administrator

  • Staff Intern - The first MR role. Staff interns are allowed to join a department (requires Discord), co-host shifts, and to be a Trainer in Training sessions. Can rank up by being active and by being noticed by HR+.
  • Staff Assistant - The first role that has the ability to host shifts, though they require an HR to supervise. Staff Assistants can be a Trainer in trainings, Host Shifts, and assign LRs to posts.
  • Assistant Supervisor - The first role that has the ability to Co-Host trainings. Assistant Supervisors do not receive any new permissions other than what previous ranks get and the ability to Co-Host trainings.
  • Supervisor - Same as before, First role to get Administrator Permissions in game.
  • Staff Coordinator - First role to get the ability to Host trainings, no new permissions other than hosting trainings. Also the last MR role.

:shield: High Rank (HR) - Game Executive Admin

  • Administrative Assistant - First HR role. Has the ability to rank people. Can be ranked through applications or being trusted and in the group for a long time. Has the ability to oversee in trainings and to supervise in shifts.
  • Junior Administrator - First role to get the Executive Administrator Permissions in game. Has the ability to get a supervisor position in a department.
  • Admimistrator - No new permissions
  • Senior Administrator - Last HR role (Excluding Developers). Has the ability to suggest users to add to trello ban/pBan.
  • Development team - The people that script and build all the Icesy games.
  • Head Developer - Developer with the most skill and seniority.

:hammer_and_wrench: Senior High Rank (SHR) - Game Directory Admin/Council Admin

  • Executive Assistant - First SHR role. First role to get Directory admin in game. Has permission to do all that previous roles can do.
  • Executive Director - Same as previous.
  • Vice Chairperson - Same as previous. Can lead Departments.
  • Board of Directors - Highest responsibility in group. Has the ability to fire HR. Has the final say in everything. Selected users get Council admin.
  • Chairman - Owner of Icesy. Their decision overwrites all ranks.
Department Information

:busts_in_silhouette: Department Information

Departments are one of many backbones of Icesy’s operations. They are all tasked to focus on certain aspects of Icesy. All of them are voluntary. More info below!

:zap: Departments:

Moderation Department
The Moderation department focuses on dealing with all punishments within Icesy. Once we find the issue, our job is to take care of it as effectively we see. The Moderation department works closely with Internal Affairs and Staff Relations for obvious reasons.

Director of the Moderation department: Itz_gNoah

Staff Relations Department
The Staff Relations Department focuses on dealing with all the staff positions and sessions. Staff Relations plans all the Training session times, Shift times, and Staff applications. Staff Relations is responsible for making sure all the Staff-related operations run smoothly.

Director of the Staff Relations department: auphriia

Internal Affairs Department
The Internal Affairs Department deals with all punishments after being dealt out by the Moderation Department. IA mainly focuses on appeals and HR+ demotions/punishments. Internal affairs works closely with the Staff Relations and Moderation department for obvious reasons.

Director of the Internal Affairs department: rxqwrs

Social Media Department
The Social Media Department focuses on not only posting on our social media accounts, but they also deal with server-wide events, giveaways, group allies, and more like that.

Director of the Social Media department: ACAValery

Marketing and Growth Department
The Marketing and Growth department deals with Icesy’s public picture and group advertisement. Marketing and Growth has the ability to post ads for the group and to run events that’ll raise Icesy’s member count

Director of the Marketing and Growth department: r6_nn

Other Links

:paperclips: Other Links
Welcome to the final part of the Icesy Public Handbook. Now for the links to our games.

:link: Links:
(Main Icesy Game)[🍦 [WORK AT THE ICE CREAM SHOP RP] Icesy Roleplay - Roblox]
(Icesy Trainings)[Icesy Trainings - Roblox]
(Icesy Applications)[Icesy Applications - Roblox]

:pushpin: Thats all! Thanks for reading through the Icesy Public Handbook! If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to reach out to any of our MR+ staff.

:wave: Signed,
@Itz_gNoah and the entire Icesy Senior High Rank team.

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