Icey Café Staff | Handbook


Table of Contents:

i. Introduction

ii. Promotion System

iii. Code Of Conduct

iv. Drama

v. In-game Moderation

vi. Conclusion


i. Introduction

Hello, and welcome! First, of, I’d like to congratulate all of you for obtaining staff.
Clearly, you’ve shown hard work and dedication towards our establishment and it has resulted in a promotion. It’s great to have you on board and we’re excited to see how you progress in the future.


ii. Promotion System

Low Rank: The promotion cooldown for Low Ranks is 3 weeks. Any SHR found to promote LR before cooldown will have to face consequences.

Medium Rank: The promotion cooldown for Medium Rank is 1 month. Any SHR found to promote MR before cooldown will face consequences.

High Rank: The promotion cooldown for High Ranks is 2 months. Any SHR found to promote HR before cooldown will face consequences

Senior High Rank: Rank: The promotion for Senior High Rank will be based on their activity on the café and the group, there will be no specific time for the promotion of SHR.

iii. Code Of Conduct

The rule I: Always use grammar if you get III grammar strikes you will be demoted.

Rule II: Inactivity will result in a demotion. If it is important, please post an inactive notice in our discord server.

Rule III: If you troll during training or interview, you will be fired or demoted. (fired means get back to customer rank)

Rule IV: Disrespect shown towards higher or lower rank will get you an instant demotion. Here in Icey Café. Respect is in the first place.

Rule V: Hinting for promotion will get you instantly demoted. Promotion should be earned by your one hard work not by asking one.

Rule VI: OD (Online Dating) is strictly prohibited here. OD’ing will get you instantly fired and permanently banned from all games and in our discord server. OD’ing is fully against Roblox Terms Of Service.

iv. Drama

The drama also is known as arguing. Drama’s punishment is warning please put the drama in your DM’s. If the drama in DM’S gets to the next level/swearing. Please report to an SHR.

v. Ingame Moderation

Here at Icey Café, we don’t tolerate or allow any admin abuse such as killing everyone on the server, if you do see that happening the first thing you need to do is contact an SHR ASAP. If there’s a username starting with ‘other’ or ‘all’, and you run the command ‘ref all’ by mistake. Please note that if it’s a mistake you will be suspended. (LR’S DON’T HAVE ADMIN)

SHR commands that are allowed to be used:

:kick [player] [Reason]

:sm [message]

: shutdown [reason] (if there’s something wrong or exploit)

:pban [player] [reason]

:unban [player]

:unpban [player]

:unban [player]

:to [player]

:age [Non-admins][Username]

: warn [player]


: mod [player]

:m [message]

:pm [player] [message]

:unmod [player]

:h [message]

This is the limit of commands CURRENTLY allowed. (For SHR’s only)

HR commands that are allowed to be used:

: kick [player] [reason] (The player must have 3 WARNINGS then kick)

: ban [player] [reason] (The player must have 3 KICKS then ban)

: bring [user] (Necessary reason only.)

:h [message] (You must have permission from the SHR to use this command)

MR commands that are allowed to be used:

: kick [user] (The player must have 3 WARNINGS then kick)

[Not allowed admin commands]

: Bring all, bring others

: fling all, fling others

: Ban all, ban others

: kill all, kill others


: admin all, admin others

: mod all, mod others

:Kick[User][Nasty comment]

: freeze all, freeze others

: kick all, kick others

: jail all, jail others

: F3X abuse

: seizure all, seizure others

: Kidnap all, kidnap others

: link all
: clone all, clone others

vi. Conclusion

Thank you for reading our staff handbook we appreciate that you have taken time to read this to make our Café better each day.

Also, developers get this:

Developers can run commands unless it is abusing.

Only President+ can fire a developer, no one else can.

Developers cannot host a training/interview/shift.

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