I'd like to know how I would make a game like The Witness

I’d like to have a end result of something like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZokQov_aH0&t=0s
(The Maze part for unlocking parts of the map is what I mean.)

My issue is I don’t know how I’d go about scripting or making the GUI for this.

I know basic scripting so I can get most of the other stuff like building and such done by myself.

I am not asking you to make me this, however your help on how I could accomplish something like this for my final product would be fantastic and greatly appreciated! I would also credit you in my game.

If you’re interested in starting a project or creating a team to work on it I’d recommend you move this to the collaboration category.

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I saw a method in this forum for interactive GUI’s
Just try to listen the mouse movement, after clicking on a GUI object, set the position of the GUI on InputChanged from the mouse, and release and place the GUI at mouse release.

Just do a research, sounds a little complicated, but, after a few tries I guess is perfectly possible

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Then why are you starting on something which isn’t the right skillset for you? Instead of working on someone you probably can’t script why don’t you start easier.

Also this question is very vague.

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Actually I think u can skip the GUI system for the Puzzles… I mean, do it with dragable objects on workspace, maybe that would be easier :3


I’ve always been working on showcases and I wanted to start on something new, like a fresh idea. I’ve been playing puzzle games for awhile and saw that this seemed like something I could make if I got a little bit of help. And can you tell me how I was being vague? Thank you for your time!

Astking how to make a game has a lot of answers and people have a lot of different ideas about how to make it and what the game will be like. Try focusing on a sub component of the game.

Your first step would be splitting your game into variety of sub small tasks. Then try thinking about how you would solve each one.

For example if you were making a fighting game, first think about what weapons you will have.

Lets say a gun:

Now that can be split into different tasks to, for example making the reloading system, projectile system ect.

At the end your tasks should look something like this’


But yah don’t go overboard and keep splitting the tasks into smaller tasks, at some point you already have a general idea what to do.

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