Idea For a Website (Need Feedback)

So I kinda feel a little dumb asking for feedback even though I haven’t made anything but I have an idea and I want to hear people’s opinion. So basically it would be a website for roblox news that will have a bunch of high quality articles, news videos, and more. Now I know people can just get their roblox news from twitter, youtube, and other places like that but I feel like that content is kinda low quality and I think I can make it much better. I can also expand by having my news company by hiring news reporters and other people that can help with the production in news and I could also expand by adding different types of content. Now you may be wondering how I will get my website out there? Well, my plan is to use many different advertising methods such as getting partnerships from small roblox youtubers and advertising on social media. Also I plan on monetizing it by having membership that will give people exclusive access. That is about everything I have and I really just want to hear feedback.


I think is a great idea, just make sure to share your website as much as you can. Also, stand out from other competitors by using unique creative way for user to interact and understand. Try keeping it simple since people can lose interest on your website. You can try sharing your website with social media or influencer. Looking forward with your creations

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