Idea for new icon on leaderboard!

While in game, we all know who are administrators by seen small icon on beside username in leaderboard. The icon is a Roblox’s logo with a letter “R”. Another icon is orange ribbon known as creator or developer.

Same idea, why not Roblox Dev’s icon for us? ROBLOXains would know us as professional developer. :o

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  1. Do you have a death wish?
    “Omg mr developer can you make me a game?!” every time you go into a game. Please no :frowning:

  2. RBXDev isn’t exactly something that needs to be brandished in games we go to. It’s not an elite gentlemen’s club. Possibly the badge Becky was talking about on our profiles because we can point to that “Hey we’re not going to rip you off you can trust us developing for you”, but that’s not the kind of stuff that belongs in a game.

It’s a privilege enough that we have a say in the future of development on ROBLOX and a way to contact the engineers directly. Asking for anymore wouldn’t be remote fair to other people on ROBLOX.

Plenty of people here joined the forums after they became invite only and lots of invites are based on the amount of traffic that person gets in their places, not so much their ability as a developer.

I think you guys got some good points. I just shared with this idea and wondered about our opinions. :stuck_out_tongue:

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