[IDEA / MOCKUP] UI - Music System

Hello, so a while back I was messing around on studio with UI’s and I made this

Can you give me your opinions on it? All comments welcome!
Feel free to use this as inspiration or ideas. Good luck with your game if you do use these ideas.

Have a good rest of your day.


Wow this is amazing! Looks so good.

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Thank you! Greatly appreciated.

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Starting from the top part, maybe improve on the “Currently Playing” card, there’s no music controls there, and to me who uses a lot of Media Players usually this would be position of controls so I think if you added this, your users would be quickly adjusted to the UX.

The bottom bit is a bit distracting -the background specifically. I think the issue is the fact that the trees are the same color as the text so it feels like one big element, especially when the background of the “Currently Trending” items don’t have a contrasting background.

I’m not sure if this is what you wanted but, at the top the 3 tabs seem to say the same thing? At least from a user perspective, popular and trending seem like the same thing to me.

But overall, good use of color and fonts. Well done.

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I’ll take all this on board to next time I make a UI, and I didn’t really mean to say the same things at the same time, didn’t really know what to put.

Thank you!