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Idealist Developer | Programmer | 3D Modeler | UI Designer | Animator

About Me

Greetings, my name is Idealist Developer and I have been a developer on Roblox since 2014. Most of my time on Roblox has been spent scripting but I take myself to be a jack of all trades. I love game design and making new worlds.

Most of the worlds I enjoy making are fantasy worlds with fighting. My true passion lies in MMORPGs, but I am always open to new game ideas and love collaborating with others. My dream is to find a group of developers that I can work with on games together. I have had experience with JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Lua, SQL, C, Linux Kernel, Python, Blender, Photoshop, and Project Management.

Past Works

My previous account got hacked, so I don’t have access to a lot of my past works. However, I am currently working on a game by myself and have made a youtube channel updating progress about that. I also have another youtube channel which I used to make content on.

Current Youtube Channel | Previous Youtube Channel

I do not have any games published that I worked on, however, I look forward to working on lots of different games now.


I will only be available 6 - 7 hours a week because of college, and I am not sure when specifically during the day I would be available, but we can definitely schedule times.


I expect payment by task. I prefer real money(USD), however, I am willing to go with robux if it is within the correct price range. If I ask for robux, it is gonna be the USD equivalent according to DevEx.


Contact me on discord, twitter, email, roblox, whatever you like. I prefer discord and am most active on discord.

Discord: IdealistDeveloper#6480

Twitter: IdealistD3v


Roblox: Idealist Developer

You should be able to find the work you did on your computer, and not just on the account…

I think I do have some of the work that I did towards the end, such as the Naruto game that I did dev logs on and such. But, a lot of the work that I did from 2014 to 2018 I don’t have because I would just publish it to my Roblox acc. A lot of my stuff I kept on Roblox because I had an issue with space on my laptop, and so I would often delete them on my laptop. Which is why I don’t have a lot of my past works available. I do have DevLogs and such that I worked on published onto YouTube though.

Mitch Pileggi#6969