Ideas and feedback on my new game

Hello, so I recently was making game about building city (like in SimCity). I need ideas and some feedback about this

In building mode you can build buildings on a grid.
When you hover over a cell selected building show up in place you hovered on and you can rotate it here. Then you can click and build it!

Also Houses get random color after placing.

parts of Gui are:

  • Menu
  • Level
  • Temporarly Name Change (it will be moved later)
  • Building Menu
  • Time And Speed

On Menu are:

  • Shop - Used to buy buildings
  • Backpack - Let you store buildings for later
  • Services - Used to control services like Police, Fire Brigade etc.
  • Buy Money - Used to buy money with Robux
  • Settings - Settings

On Level there is level number and name of city

On name Change there is Textbox that is used to change name

On Time there is clock and two speed options: Normal and 2x speed

On Building Menu are:

  • Move - Used to move buildings
  • Sell/Delete - used to Sell/Delete Buildings
  • Store - Used to Store Buildings to Backpack

So it’s all that is now and I need feedback and ideas what to add when I will finish these things. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Very Nice Idea,
The Scripting and building is good

Keep up the good work!


I Would like to play your game, very nice, it is multiplayer?


Demo will be in January or February and full version will be on I think March or April
And it is singleplayer but I think about about making collaborative mode in the future



I honestly like your game and it looks very cool but the thing that scares me is that these types of games get boring in a while so it might be hard o maintain a stable player base. Other than that it looks awesome!


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The UI looks pretty cool but the only thing that bothers me is…

Why are the number and the icons offset?

Everything else tho, looks pretty good!

that’s because when it’s at center (I talk about level), in different proportions (like 16:9) it’s offset and when on different it isn’t offset then it’s on studio (with explorer and stuff opened) I’ll try fix that

That explains everything


sorry everyone,
I stopped the project because it took too much of my time and I ran into so much problems that I stopped further development for my good

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