Ideas for a game

Hello, I am working on a Sci-Fi game based on aperture science and black mesa. I need help with ideas. This is what I have planned so far:

Thanks for your help.

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What’s the goal of the game? What do the players do/try to achieve?

In this game there is no actual goal, players have to complete tasks around the facility and prevent disasters.

Oh ok. It’s a tiny bit hard for me to come up with a name because of how broad it is.

hmm dosn’t sound very replayable, heres some ideas for stuff:

  1. random bad things happen every minute
  2. get currency for every job done
  3. use currency for upgrades, hats, customization or pets i suppose.
    and for the last one, make the map more simple, most of roblox’s playerbase is children, either make the game funny (like be dead forever simulator or get a snack at 4am) or make it simple.