Ideas for a simulator

Salutation! :slight_smile:

I am seeking some simulator ideas, my mind is very broad and can’t seem to think of unique simulator ideas!

Please leave some ideas below, I may pay if I truly like your ideas.

1,000,000 of funds will be invested towards the game, therefore I want the idea to be unique and different.

Leave your suggestions below

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A simulator about dying, sort of like the game dumb ways to die

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What are you interested in? For instance, do you like adventure games, quick attack games, etc.

Simulator games, it’s a very vague topic however alike to most simulator:


And so on…

Not really into that, want to keep it child friendly.

Maybe you could do “Developing Simulator”. Basically, you start off with a budget of 100 robux and you can hire builders, scripter, etc. for a certain amount. It will take around 15 seconds to make games. You can release these games and based on the amount of robux you made, you can level up the builders and scripters. Then when they make better games, you get more robux to hire even more workers. and then you can prestige or rebirth and start off with 1k robux instead of just 100. Rebirthing will give you faster game making time. (from 15 seconds to 14) and it keeps going lower everytime you rebirth. You need to upload like 1k videos to rebirth. And when you level up the builders and scripters, the game making time will be faster.

(sorry if this is wordy I kinda just went along with what was in my head)

To sum it up, you hire workers to make games. You can level them up. And try to rebirth and hit the leaderboard.