Ideas for a Simulator/Tycoon Game

I’m looking for a good Simulator/Tycoon game.
It doesn’t matter whether it is a Simulator or a Tycoon,
I am trying to find a cool idea that’ll make players stay longer.

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Before you say, “go check the other threads before making one,”
I did for around a hour. They just aren’t really good/trendy ideas.
So I want to make a Post so people can suggest newly made games that gets visits.

  1. Sit to your desk
  2. Turn some music on
  3. Think about cool ideas

Just copying ideas of someone else will mostly never get popular. When you want to achieve a decent amount of visits, you have to make a idea by your own. If you are doing it only for the robux, then I cant help you. I cant understand people that just badly go for robux with copied Ideas.


Look man, I played TABS,, Polytopia for days before I got my own idea, so if you just had a scroll for 1h it ain’t enough man.
For good creations, you gotta feel with your heart first, alr?

I want to make a decent game get noticed and make a buck, it’s not going to be just copying other people’s ideas but somewhat original. I want to try and make enough Robux to advertise for future long-term games. Also I will do that :star_struck:

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I never seen that site before, I will check though that, thanks

Just make your idea original, and don’t add trends into your game (they tend to die off quickly).

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Yeah okay, thanks.
I don’t wanna add one I just wanna create one

Yeah, most trends are extremely dumb (eg: poppy playtime, raise a floppa (my opinion, you can do whatever you want)) and will drive older users away from your games, resulting in a smaller player base full of children.


No sorry if it was confusing, those are all strategic games, and my point is once you played enough you’ll get an idea.

lmfao yeah. They mostly target extremely younger audiences.
But I want to try to target mostly 10+

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