Ideas for a song - Composing

I’m short on ideas on how I should continue this. Do you have any suggestions?

The general idea of the sound is pretty clear:

  • Destructive nature
  • High octane-ish sounds
  • Medium pacing

gives me that geometry dash vibe idk why, also near the end it sounds bossbattley

Though at the end I think you can make a harmony type area if you get what I mean, like it feels calming to give the player an idea that they were successful at something


Try to add more sounds towards it, Like beats or nightcore if you know what does nightcore mean in music
and I am getting hero/futuristic vibe from hearing the music honestly I would put on a parkour/lobby if I owned this song

Idk, but that synth/distorted bass at 1:15 gets obnoxious as the rest goes on

Well that’s my opinion mate and we all have different opinions and I am not sure what you mean by obnoxious but alright plus it tells me that you didn’t heard it all

I’d rather keep the pace up, but if I interpret your statement correctly, the idea is to use a harmonic breakdown or bridge. I’ll note that.

I’m not too sure about that, that’s a little vague about what “beats”.

The heavy guitar should be tweaked the next revisit of the project(too loud I assume), and certainly I’ll add a different sound element to “complete” that sequence.

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Try repeating the current song but speed the tempo up by 0.5
Hope this helps! Also I would recommend inverting the polarity when you repeat it)
Also maybe make it sharper and blockier sounding idk what your aiming for exactly)
P.s. sorry if it is weird sounding if you try it. Im very tired rn.

I mean by beats just small beats not loud like golfs hears no offense, And it’s your choice not mys

I don’t think increasing the tempo would fit the idea of what I would plan on continuing, but that’s worth a shot later. What’s the idea with inverting the polarity though?

The aim of the sound is forward-action type, something that seems very rushy.

Ah, but the tempo is rather too slow to employ softer kicks and I’m intending to maintain a high octane-sounding beat.

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It just makes it sound kinda twisted and weird. Idk i kinda like it

Oh well, I don’t know then just trying to give feedback.

Or do you mean whati mean by reversing polarity?

I get the idea of reversing polarity by adjusting the phase, but I don’t notice much of a difference on the transients. Does it really make a difference if I decide to reverse polarity on one of the signals?

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Not bad however I would feel like this would be something for hard mode not medium try making it but more dramatic and speed it up just by a little.

I think you misinterpreted the meaning of “medium pacing”. I meant that the tempo will be steady and somewhat complex. I do not intend, again, to raise the tempo but I could always change the notes. The tempo is already at what I believe is acceptable for what intended use it should be.

It does make a big difference if you change volume or tempo later on.

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I’ll try that out then if actually higher tempo helps. Otherwise, I’ll maintain the tempo and add other sound elements.

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Sounds good! Good luck on your music!

:thinking: Updates…


I like it! Great work!