Ideas for defeating terrain ocean lags

so in my game, there is a huge ocean, and perhaps its going to be even bigger.
It causes lags, and im talking about latency, not fps drops. the fps is fine.
do you guys have any ideas how could i get rid of the lag?
i was thinking about something like render distance, but no idea how to do it.

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Oh man that’s gigantic.
Try reducing the size of the ocean first of all, that take a lot of power, then to make ocean edge not as noticeable, try adding in lighting a DepthOfFieldEffect or DepthofFieldblur. To make the sharp border not so sharp.
You can also try to tweak some options concerning fog in the lighting service too.

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thanks for replying, not sure if i will be able to make the ocean smaller but ill try out other mehtods you have mentioned.

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yea, that helped a bit i guess, and the game looks much better now in my opinion. thanks!

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Your welcome bro, if anything you can send me a message.

Reduce it by about 70%, then use Atmosphere and blend the ocean and the skybox together. This will give off the illusion that itn ever ends.

Also, maybe make it thinner? Your water height looks way too tall too, possibly remove the large amount of stone under it?

If it isn’t FPS drops, then the wayer isn’t causing lag. It’s a memory leak of some kind. Try using Script Performance in Studio to find the cause of it.

ive done that, here is the script with most activity
is that good or bad
sometimes it goes up

What is the hover script? It shouldn’t be that high, you have some sort of memory leak.