Ideas for my first terrible UI

After an hour of trying to make my main screen multi-platform, I realized it was quite bare. Its my first ever GUI so I’m unsure what to add?
Any Ideas :sob:

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Pretty good for your first GUI! These are some things that I would suggest:

  • Because your text outline is white, I would change the colour outline around your GUI to white.

  • I would make the buttons all the same length and the same width.

  • I would make the “Don’t Touch Anything!” text a tad smaller, as it is almost touching the edges.


Overall, it’s not bad for your first GUI. Keep up the good work!


Thank you very much for the reply

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This looks pretty great. What I suggest is you outline the 3 buttons in the middle with white like you did on the black text and like the other developer said, outline the frame white instead of blue.