Ideas for my game

I am making an obby. I need some ideas on my obby. I want it to look modern. Any ideas
Ps: I will post a link to my obby when its done :smiley:
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A cool idea would be a obby from past to future!

Like a journey through Roblox obbys~

Good luck making it ^^


Look at what is trending right now, Tik tok is actually flying through to everyone for the past year and a few games have already been inspired for that. Basing the obby on Tik tok songs, dances, or challenges could actually get somewhere compared to random maps.

Otherwise, you could make something worth building to actually focus on problems around the world instead of basic obbys like high school obbys. This could be focussed on spreading the word of not very well known global problems, this could be something like the fires in Australia, unfair treatment of others, poverty in countries, etc.


Above me,

You SHOULD include topics like that to raise awareness, it really hasn’t been done before and it’s SUPER original, I think you could make something VERY interesting.


You can probably design a successful obby game around an original concept. Perhaps an obby racing game with mario kart-like powerups that can hamper other players or boost yourself? The nice part about obbies is that there’s practically limitless potential since it’s such a broad category.

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Make sure to make it engaging for new players.
If a new player has joined your game, you may want to add an NPC or even a shop at spawn, explaining to them what they need to do in order to finish the game. This will make them want to stay in game, and actually finish it. Make a couple of badges for the game if you like, i.e players are given a badge when they join the game, and/or when they complete the obby. Some obby creators also keep a hidden badge somewhere throughout the game, which players can go and look for after completing the obby. This will make them want to stay in-game for longer.

If you’re looking to make some money off of it, you could also sell some gamepasses, e.g. gravity coils, speed coils or skip stage.


Hey there,
I mostly agree with what @Espelk said, but I think your players would enjoy it if you make more, unique game passes, because usually players get tired of the same products and will want to try something more interesting. Just an idea.

Hope this helps you and your obby,


I recommend finding something creative to implement into your obby. This will make it stand out from the rest. A good example is how someone mentioned power ups. A good way to make an obby is to find something that is trending, and make a fun, unique obby out of it. Try something different from other obbies! Good luck.

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Obviously, For your game, it can be taking in a place like the office, where you gotta find the missing sheet that will be due Today, your goal in there is to find that sheet of paper by unlocking doors for every floor (Keys themselves will be found somewhere lying in the floor).

For traps you can have a secuirty guard, one of the snitching employees that will snitch you to the boss and some security cameras.

That is my idea and I don’t really recommend you to use it (If you want)

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for an obby, creativity is used more so that the player feels comfortable. I hope it helps you

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Could you provide more information on what you want your obby to generally be like? For example, it could be like one of those “escape ____” obbies or something like “Rob the Mansion Obby”…

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Those obby games are kinda boring in my opinion, I rather want those that has a lot of work put in it and scripts.

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Maybe use constraints like ropes, ball sockets and hinges to have moving objects that you have to jump on? Haven’t really seen that too much although I don’t often play obby games.

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I will add these things :smiley: Happy building!

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I wasnt aiming for that but, i will add some of these features.

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Okay! Have a great day and wish you the best.

Hello Developer!

First of all, to make an obby, you need some ground ideas, and that’s what you’re obviously looking for, according to your post.

Well, you stated, that you want your obby to look modern, maybe something futuristic/Sci-Fi’sh. Maybe an obby across a laboratory, or an obby, with a story line, where the robloxian, jumps through a time machine and has to ‘‘jump over the past’’, which would have a learn effect as well, if the events, that you add, which happened in the past were real events. (Roblox History for example)

[Similar ideas:]

By @fros554

Or, another idea is, which is shadow run based. A Roblox obby, with modern physics. Where parts disappear, jump, appear, move etc.

Hope that helped, good luck!


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Hello! I will add the move, appear and dissapear. I am having a bit of trouble with a moving platform. Any help?

In fact, try starting off with something easy to do, when done with this session, you may start doing some challenges that are hard for you to make.

Here is what I mean.

Easy (things I know how to do and fast) -Medium (starts finishing off easy part and continue thinking what shall be added next for your concept)- Hard (you start to think that you want to give yourself a challenge and really want to make your game so detailed and cool to play. When done thinking about the thinks that you want to do, you do it and try your best.)

Hope that those steps or concepts help you.

Possibly include stuff that isn’t seen much in obbys at the minute. This will attract a larger player base towards your game.