Ideas On How to Lay This Out

So, I am currently making a store, a music store. I know how the walls are going to look, and I have all of my assets in a separate game (because there’s a lot).

I’m just having trouble laying all of the rooms out. This usually isn’t an issue for me since I do the rooms as I do the walls and everything, but I just got so into the zone yesterday. :joy:

If I have to, I’ll delete the current walls and do that. ^

I don’t usually come onto Devforum to ask about anything building related. Only 3D Modeling and Music. I come in hopes of getting some ideas on how to layout the rooms for the store. I need a room for guitars, drums, basses, ukuleles, midi, checkout (I plan to have the staff lounge attached to this I attached a photo of this), self-checkout, VIP lounge, and maybe a normal lounge with things like “Built By.”

Here’s the Checkout Idea


You should move that little structure shown on picture 2 to the middle of the surrounding buildings shown on picture 1. Besides that, everything looks A-Okay :ok_hand:

Personally, I would recommend you to start with a rough concept of what you would like your game to look like. Draw an early concept on a piece of paper then decide if you want to make any changes. After that, go right ahead on the building.

I have 2 games for that that I’ve made over the years. :joy: