Ideas on loadout UI

Hello there, I’m currently trying to create a Loadout UI and in need of some images(possibly).

But when I try search for some on google nothing comes up and its really annoying how it doesn’t find what I’m searching for.

Does anybody know any ideas for a work around Loadout system without any images?, It’ll be really appreciated.



Roblox Images I can import into studio, I’m not going for a realistic type of game…

Oh but you could make that ui in your own away

The thing is I can’t’ make UI. Well atleast Images.

Then use studio to make it ,there’s plenty of ui plugins

I said Images not UI, read what I said.

If you mean a premade UI of the loadout system without the icons, it’s probably a lot more easier making the UI yourself. Of course you could use inspirations from Google if you wish to. I understand from the later posts you struggle to make the images. You can try searching up what you want from the toolbox or making it yourself.

If you are going to use a “premade” UI of the loadout system or any sort of icons, I suggest you ask the original owner of the image as they can file a DMCA takedown.

Copyright, you’ll need to make it yourself and not import other peoples loadouts as image buttons.