Ideas on my 50X by 50X mini showcases

hello all! i am working on a big map to showcase my building and would like ideas what to build in these mini squares.

here is an example of what i mean:

any ideas are welcome, thats all, thanks!


Pretty sweet idea! Think you could provide us with some close-ups of each square?


its also for whenever i am building something i can use the models i have made here(i havent used free models and i dont intend to)


Really nice! I like the idea of creating small scaled models, you make this concept into a game where you load your “build” into a square and show off.

yes, thats a good idea. i think it has been done before.

There is f3x world (I think thats what its called) and maybe some others but im not pretty sure if there are small scale building games.

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