Ideas to better my themed obby?

So I’ve been on/off working on a themed obby for atleast a year now.
It has around 2.5mil visits and has a small consistent player base, it used to be more populated but I had gotten shadow banned off the search results until I could have fixed it.

I’ve noticed players join and sometimes leave after a couple second or a minute, is there anyway I can improve this or do you see any issues with my game? Thanks!

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I tried it out and at the start or spawn my screen got a huge lag and made my game crash but when I tried it again it was lagging but for only a couple of minutes so if the is so much blocks where you start the try reduce it but the game looks great.

Oh wow, what device were you using?

Thank you for your feedback! We personally have not noticed any lag upon joining but this is great insight.

I use a Windows 8 but it might just be my computer’s fault but I don’t know for sure.

Still thought it means that my game isn’t 100% properly optimized