Idk where else to post this but i have a problem with my gui

i just had a start message gui which normlly just opened up when starting game and you could close but now i deleted it but when i start the game after 20 sec the gui comes up again even though the gui is gone


Are you sure you deleted the gui?

If you want us to help you, you must show a script.

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thats it, theres no place for gui.

and yes im sure because i cant find it anywhere

We will need to see your script for your GUI to resolve this issue.

its gone though and the only script there was was to remove the gui a (X)

OP has stated he has deleted the UI from the game for those who missed that

If you press Ctrl + Z you can undo changes you have done, do this until you get the UI back then delete it and publish the place.

Come back with an answer after doing so, if you’re unable to get the UI back because you rejoined studio then try searching the game for any UI’s that shouldn’t be there.

If you’re female then appologies, I have no idea what gender you are

Can you provide more detail? What did you do, what is the script for and what does it do. Also provide screenshots so we can understand your situation.

i had a starting gui welcoming the player with a X button to close it, after making it into chat i told my co friend he can delete the script, the next day i didnt find the gui anymore and i searched the whole game for it. figuring he deleted it i made some other stuff and tested it, after a few 10 seconds the gui pops into my face, even not when i just joined. no just pops into my face out of nothing.

Did you search the StarterGUI folder? There is no reason for a deleted GUI to pop up unless it still exists.

i searched the whole game (30 characters)

for index, item in pairs(game:GetDescendants()) do
   if item:IsA("ScreenGUI") then print(item:GetFullName()) end

Try this script. It’ll find all ScreenGUIs in your game.

EDIT: Oops i made some errors. It should be fine by now

where do i put it?? (30 characters)

paste it directly in your command line

where though? (30 characters))

This text box thing at the bottom of Roblox Studios


it should normally print it into the output right? well it is not doing that

the command doesnt work? @JinxFury18

The command didn’t print anything because there is no ScreenGui instances anywhere.