Idle animation only seen in client?

Hello, I’m working on a game where you can change morphs and fight other players.
Though I have a problem, As I change the AnimationId of the idle animation in the “Animate” script in player, it won’t work.

Animation on client:
Perfectly fine.

Animation on server:
Uh, like falling animation I guess?


The thing is, the changed AnimationId in the Animate script could also be seen in both client in server even though they are not.

I tried changing Falling Animation’s AnimationId to 0 but it didn’t work as well.
I found another post where some guy having a problem similar to me, but the solution was that weight set 0 in server but in mine the weight was 9.

Here is the code I’m using.

plr.Character.Animate.toolnone.ToolNoneAnim.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://0"
plr.Character.Animate.walk:FindFirstChildOfClass("Animation").AnimationId = Walk
plr.Character.Animate.jump:FindFirstChildOfClass("Animation").AnimationId = Jump"Animation").AnimationId = Run
plr.Character.Animate.fall:FindFirstChildOfClass("Animation").AnimationId = Fall --This is "rbxassetid://0"
for i, v in pairs(plr.Character.Animate.idle:GetChildren()) do
	v.AnimationId = idle

Any help is appreciated! :heart:

You can try delete the animation, and add one new and set it to 0 and add the script again. That’s like reseting, like when you restart your computer. Good luck.