If a former developer I paid to use assets from requests a removal of their asset in my game, do I need to do it?

Hello! How is it going? A former developer of Cried asked if I could take down all the assets they created. However, I paid for all of the assets. Do I have the right to say no, or do I have to remove it right away, even though I paid him.

Thanks, WE

Well, this is a tricky situation… Since you paid for these assets, there is no doubt that you should have the rights to use it however you please. However, if he files a DMCA request, that’s a different situation. Roblox staff is not going to know if you paid for them or not.

Of course you have the right to say no. It is ridiculous that he is asking you to delete those assets. Just be aware that DMCA requests are a thing.


Though you do have the opportunity to dispute those claims. They aren’t one-sided. If you’re able show credible proof of the transaction occurring and they accept that then the DMCA means nothing.