If Anim:Play then not working

So I just learned how to change the parts orientation then ive encountered a problem, i dont know why though. I tried tweening it but it also didnt work

if SwordSwing:Play() then
Sword.Oriention = Vector3.new(0,0,20)

I also tried not adding any of that and just straight tweening the sword, but it was not successful as well.

:play() is an event. Please show me what SwordSwing is in the editor (if it’s an animation, sound, etc)
Please also provide an image of the error in the output/devconsole

It’s an animation. there was no any errors it just didnt work


if SwordSwing.IsPlaying then
	--put code here

I also noticed that in your code sample, “Orientation” is spelt wrong.

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Big Help, thanks for helping! really appreciated xd