If Archivable equals false then hacker can't steal that model?

If Archivable equals false then hacker can’t steal that model?

And what does Archivable mean if not that?


The reason why I made this topic is because devs on roblox often ask how to prevent their map from getting stolen.

And I thought, why almost no one mentioned that archivable property is very important.

No this won’t prevent exploiters from stealing your models. Actually, if you set Archivable to false in studio and try to publish the game, I’m pretty sure it actually won’t be published along with your game. And even if you do set Archivable to false at runtime, nothing stops an exploiter from setting it to true (even though they won’t need to to steal anything).


The current answer to this topic isn’t really an answer, it’s just a copy and paste. If you worry about people stealing your maps, here is your answer: there is nothing you can do about it. The client can steal anything it can see, so it can steal your map. The only way to combat this is by simply changing your map every now and then.

PS. Archivable will not prevent people from stealing your maps. Also the current solution to this thread is not a solution; I reccomend you un-mark it spas a solution.