If I make an aiming system using animation (Animation Editor), is it a good idea?

I’m not using Viewmodel for my gun.
My game is first person only.

I need to know an Aiming System using animation (Animation Editor) is a good idea?

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Hahahaa you’re funny. Absolutely NOT.

Who said you have to?

I have recently actually made such a system using only the player’s arms and it works flawlessly.


But how can I use the player’s arms to make this?

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Basically how I did it is to first attach the arms to the camera using CFrames like so:

UpperTorso.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(Camera.CFrame) * shoulderOffset

After that, things get really complicated and it took me weeks to figure out and fix this but as I am on mobile I’ll give you a brief explaination:

Let’s consider 3 points, camera, shoulder and aim through attachment. What we basically do is need to get the difference. We do this by subtracting the (subtraction of the attachment world position by the right shoulder world CFrame (Obtained by UpperTorso:ToWorldSpace(shoulderOffset))) by the (subtraction of the camera position by the shoulder world cframe) and just apply it after applying the torso to camera CFrame.

I wish I could provide you with more info and my code but due to me being on mobile i can’t.

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