If I paid someone 100,000 R$, would they be able to DevEx?

Lets say we have two developers: Bob and Billy. Bob creates a group, and together, Bob and Billy make a group game, where they decide to split revenue 50/50. After a month, their game has done quite well, and makes a total revenue of 200,000 R$.

My question is: If Bob pays 100,000 R$ to Billy via group funds, and they both have a perfect moderation history, can Billy then cash out and use DevEx with this 100,000 R$ given to him by Bob?

(I apologise for posting this on the wrong forum, but I don’t have the ability to post anywhere else yet).


It depends.

If the robux is from limiteds, daily stipend, or ill-gained, then no.
Otherwise, if the robux is from gamepass/devproduct purchases, and it totals to 100k, then yes.

edit: The DevEx Terms of Use can be found here.


I understand that, but in the terms of condition, it says:

[Your robux must be earned from:] Services for (a) virtual items (such as clothing for an avatar) that you created or (b) virtual things in your game

It doesn’t make it really clear whether you can DevEx from Robux paid to you via group funds

Group funds should be able to be devexed.

If you’re the owner then yep, it definitely works, however I’m not 100% sure when you’re being paid but you’re not the owner of the group.

Billy makes 50% of the game’s profit as a service for making 50% of the game with Bob, so yes, Billy can use DevEx.


Does this have to be clearly stated (for example in the group game’s description)?

If I remember right, no. Any funds paid out by a group count as a service, as Zomebody had said.

he’s better at explaining than me so I’ll just let him take over

Okay thanks, I appreciate your help


No problem, happy to help.

If I have robux from hats but then I buy gamepasses using those robuxes. Can a receiver devEx it?

Bit of a necrobump, but yes, as long as they didn’t go through ill-gotten gains at some point (not sure how much they check it has been laundered) the receiver will be able to devex it.


You can’t check if it’s been laundered. You get the bad news when you attempt to DevEx.

EDIT: Oh you asked how MUCH they check, no clue.

Yes, as the robux would have been given to the receiver from a legit source, such as a game pass. As long as the receiver gets robux from a game pass, developer product, or group payout, then it can be devexxed.


They do check some validity in that though. If said gamepass cost 100k and the game has been played by him and 2 friends total, they are not likely to consider it entirely valid. As far as I understand it the line is between ‘not being moderated when stolen goods are used to buy your stuff’ and ‘actually able to devex it as earned legitly’, but I am not certain.

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Roblox does a lot of internal checks that they keep secret to keep their effectiveness. There are, of course, people that know how to launder Robux regardless (and the bad eggs that actually do it).

You don’t necessarily need a perfect moderation history to DevEx, just a decent one (not been breaking rules for some time). I constantly fear about future opportunities such as DevEx given my absolutely horrid moderation history. I made a post about this on the lounge some months ago. Will be happy to provide excerpts to those who can’t see this thread.


Have paid 2 people with Enough R$ via Groupfunds to DevEx but both of their Requests were denied

so both of them Emailed DevEx@roblox.com and both replies said that the R$ they had were Earned Fraudulently and the Game’s group isn’t legit.

All Groupfunds earned came from Super Power Training Simulator.

This image proves that you can indeed DevEx R$ from GroupFunds

The Group is legit, it has 50K members as of now

The Game is legit, it has

Their replies were copy pasted, and they got almost exactly the same messages.
This image shows which message specifically

This gives me the impression of the DevEx@roblox.com team didn’t actually check why those Requests were denied,

Other wise their was a misunderstanding between me and those 2 about their DevEx request.