If I want a character to address the player... Should I use player.Name or player.DisplayName?

There’s a few scenes on the upcoming release of my singleplayer game where I want characters to talk to the Player directly using their name.

Which one is it best to use, the Player’s username or DisplayName? I feel like both will have instances of goofy names (eg. ohiosigmaboss420) when I want the scene to be actually important.

So… I’ve been wondering. What you guys do in these situations?

If you want you could try considering the display name as a nickname and the name as their actual name, meaning you could use display name for casual conversations then name for more serious ones.

If you don’t want that then I’d recommend sticking to just the display name

You can let the player name themselves when they first join the game, so now their name is whatever they choose. It’s the same for other singleplayer games (outside of roblox) usually you don’t see peoples steam name being used in a story game, etc.

Alright, DisplayName it is! Thank you for the advice!

If this was a fully fledged story game (like Undertale, for example) I definitely would.

But this game more or less tries to break the 4th wall with how the characters interact with you while not being particularly story centric (up until the end).