If my game has blood on it, but it gets disabled automatically if a player plays on xbox, will the game still be moderated?

I remember some devs made seperated xbox versions for their games with no blood, but i still want to include crossplay between xbox players and pc/mobile devices players. Will this idea work?

So i want to include blood on my game (its just a few red particles,nothing big ), and some other visual stuff like bandages and characters containing blood on their shirts. If i add a script that disabled all blood from the game and replaces bloody textures with clean versions instead, will i still get banned?


its easier if you handle any “blood” stuff on the client, i’ve made a game where you have to enable blood manually if you want to see it

As long as it’s disabled for console players, you’re in the clear.

Probably not, just don’t make a setting to turn it back on