If you were to make some lore for an RPG, what would it be?

What’s up?!, I am curious to hear about your ideas for lore, so if you were to make some lore for an RPG with magic and sword and all that kind of stuff, for example, SAO or World of Warcraft, or even Dark Souls.

What would it be? what kind of place would it take place in? what kind of people will live there? This will be useful to take inspiration for me and for everyone. I am looking forward to reading your ideas.


I think that this topic is far too broad and uses language that is ambiguous. Obviously you have a certain way of thinking about “RPGs” but not everyone will understand exactly what you mean. Are you talking about roleplaying games in general, or specifically “RPG” as in those swords-and-magic games with all sorts of archaic/ancient-seeming elements? That would be helpful to clarify first.


Thanks, wasn’t sure how to put it into words. :slight_smile:

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I’ve always been fascinated with those rpgs like sao where the people need to beat the game in order to leave.
However, that’s naturally impossible to fo considering we can’t just lock our players in-game muhahaha.

Alternatively, another fun plot is when the player attempts at getting the ‘good ending’ like saving a goddess, but only to realize that the goddess was like the main villain.