Ignoring Capitalisation

I’m making a guessing game and it would be very helpful if i knew how to make the chat recognisable in all situations -
These are the ones i can do right now:

  • Original (‘Example’)
  • Lowercase (‘example’)
  • Uppercase (‘EXAMPLE’)

but it would be useful to make it recognisable LiKe tHiS. Please let me know, thanks


In lowercase it is the same.

LiKe tHiS would be: like this
and EVEN THis is: even this

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You can use string.lower to compare the strings

local String1 = "Example"
local String2 = "ExAmPlE"
print(String1:lower() == String2:lower())		-- true

lower returns the text in lowercase, you could also use string.upper, this converts the text to uppercase.

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