IKControl to a Tool handle from the player's right hand causes spinning

I’m trying to create a tool that uses IKControls to be connected to the R15 player’s RightHand. It spins over and over instead of actually working when I try to run it. Additionally, the player’s RightHand gets messed up (see the video). Console displays no errors. I suspect this has something to do with the Tool weld.

Video of what’s happening:

My IKControl setup (in Tool.Equipped:Connect(function()):

ik = Instance.new("IKControl")
ik.Parent = character:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid") -- or "AnimationController"
ik.Type = Enum.IKControlType.LookAt
ik.EndEffector = character:FindFirstChild("RightHand", true)
ik.ChainRoot = character:FindFirstChild("RightUpperArm", true)
ik.Target = tool.Handle

Okay, I found the problem. The problem is that the RightHand tries to look at the Tool, but since the tool is welded to it, whenever the right hand rotates, the tool rotates with it. So, it creates the spinning. The only solution I could think of was disabling the RequiresHandle property of the tool and creating my own system for that, but if anyone has a better system, please post. :slight_smile: