I'm having a problem

Hey, so to start off I can guarantee this is in the wrong section. Reason for that is for some reason, I don’t know why, I cannot post in any other section including the Bugs forum, go figure.

Did Roblox update their studio tools or something? Now when ever I attempt to move something using the arrows, the model I’m moving will start to do a barrel roll. I’m like, really? This makes it much, much harder to move models in a precise manner. Any help appreciated, thanks!

If you’re a new member, post a bug report in bulletin board and send a message to the lead top contributer category asking them to move it to bug reports with a link to your post.

As for your issue, I can’t reproduce this in my own studio. Maybe go though some basic steps like restarting studio and/or your PC to see if that helps at all.

have you tried reinstalling robloxstudio completely? because i dont have this problem.

I don’t mean to be that girl, but…

Please refer to rule 15.1 of the Roblox Developer Forum Rules (Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum) to see how to submit a bug:

"15.1 You are not allowed to create new Bug Reports or Feature Requests for other people. This includes non-Developer Forum members and those in the New Member role set. Instead, please re-direct them to group-PM our Lead Top Contributors privately so their topic can be manually created.

The message title should be “Request: Posting Bug Report or Feature Request”. New Members should post their thread in Bulletin Board and link that in the PM. Visitors should include their post in their DM so that a Lead Top Contributor can post on their behalf."

This sounds like you have the IK dragger on, is this enabled for you?


More details:

Also, just for the sake of future threads, please describe the issue in the title so others can easily search for threads like this in case they’re having the issue too.

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Then don’t make the post here. You don’t break forum rules to make your issue known, you follow the proper procedure set out in the New Member FAQ that we asked you to read when you joined the forum:

Closing as this is not appropriate use of this category. Please do not miscategorize your threads and follow the rules / procedures in place for reporting bugs as a new member.

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