Im having problems with blender and meshes

So I made some rocks in blender that were meant to be stylized rocks but they didn’t turn out how I wanted them to

This is how I want them to look like:

And this is how they look:

Seems like you need to texture them, the ones in that image have textures which add to the edges, while yours just use a solid color.

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How could I texture them like that? (I’m new to blender)

You’ll need to look into UV Wrapping your model, I’m not very good at blender either so I can’t help with full steps.

Oh well, thanks for the help!!

If your textures are already on blender, they won’t export over to Roblox Studio.

I don’t know why they make it this complicated, they just do. Anyways, normally when you do export these files you will get two things, a .obj file and a .mtl file.

You are gonna want the .mtl file, as that’s the file that gives the texture.

I would recommend you make the .mtl file into a .png, and then create a decal with the texture.

Once you do that, just put the mesh’s texture ID as your decal Id and you should be good.

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It could either be edge crease, cavity or texture paint. Is there a link to the tutorial?

It is possible, and not complicated.
Export the blender object as a FBX and Copy & Embed Textures.


5 years of using blender and I am still learning new things everyday :skull:.

Welp, that should help your case better @chapp_w


I would recommend watching RoBuilder’s full tutorial, it should answer all your questions.