I'm having trouble adding tostrings to a script

My script line 17 and 19 states:

timer.Text = "A brawl is starting in "..tostring(minutes)..":0"..tostring(seconds)

Now that I’ve added the "A brawl is starting in ", my entire script suddenly doesn’t work what a countdown is. Without that "A brawl is starting in " it worked. Only I would like to add the text before the minutes and seconds countdown. I hope that someone can help.

local enough = game.ReplicatedStorage.FightRemoteEvents.Enough
local timer = script.Parent.Parent.Enough
local minutes = 0
local seconds = 59

	if enough.Value == "OFF" then
		if seconds <= 0 then
			minutes = minutes -1
			seconds = 59
			seconds = seconds -1
			if seconds <9 then
				timer.Text = "A brawl is starting in "..tostring(minutes)..":0"..tostring(seconds)-- here
				timer.Text = "A brawl is starting in "..tostring(minutes)..":"..tostring(seconds)-- here
			until minutes <= 0 and seconds <= 0

Everything looks pretty correct from my vantage point. I usually make a variable for my tostrings. So like newMinutes = tostring(minutes)… That’s all I got for you.

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May I ask though, are there any errors? No shot something can get ruined just by adding a string to a Text property.

That worked, thank you so much!

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