I'm having trouble finding a scripter

This isn’t exactly help with a script, but this is scripting support. i’m asking all you programmers out there how do I find a scripter, and if I find one how do I make sure they won’t screw me over. If you know anyone who wants to script a game with me, a game where the map is complete. Please message me.
If your intrested in a scripting postion…

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I took a look at your post. The problem is your payment.

Many collaborators commonly figure they make revenue/income from their game and pay their partners with that currency.

However, relying on your game solely as payment is a poor and unwise decision. You should have payment upfront ready for the scripter during development of the project. It shouldn’t be after the project is completed.

This is the wrong category to be posting in, this is for experienced/learning scripters that need support on whatever they’re coding, not a place to be recruitment.

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if you read the post I have 150 for consolation incase the game doesn’t make revenue

THIS 30 chauhishdiadhiaudhaidhaidhiadh

If you join the hidden devs discord server you could probably find a scripter there if you can pay them upfront and not later or after.

Could you send me a invite link?
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Upfront is risky if he’s paying all out btw.

Fair, hey do you know any scripters?

This is the wrong category to be asking for scripters.

In this category we help solve errors in people’s code or solve problems related to that subject.

Well I am having a problem with scripting, which I need to hire a scripter to solve. So yes this is the right category.

Please click the link above and read the article.

You do not have a “technical” problem.

You may get better answers if you post in another category whereas people monitoring this category don’t have an idea on how to answer you in a way that will have a good effect.

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Please follow the guidelines when posting: About the Scripting Support category