Im hiring an scripter for a game called: Break The Glass!

Any interesed please contact me in discord. (ANIBEL_YT - Mafia#7193)
the name of the new game will be Break the glass. Profits will be 55000R$*
i just need someone to do the scripts of some of the guns that will be used, the script to go to an lobby
and terrain regeneration. If you speak spanish is better because i dont talk verry well the english.
it will be this, 2 bases, 2 teams red vs blue, the objective is to destroy other s team glass, that will be the core of all the team, it depends of the team to carry of the glass, if an blue warrior shoots to the red s crystal, the match will be over, the guns can get by pressing E, the guns will be hided in different places when the match is over. PAYMENT IS BEFORE LAUNCHING THE GAME

This is the group for all the interested people

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
please contact…

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This is quite vague and fails to display all of the needed information. When looking for someone to work on a project for you, you should state exactly what the person would be doing, how much they will get paid (set amount, percentage, or both) and what currency they will be paid in (robux or real currency). Additionally, you should typically describe the project at least somewhat briefly as a way to capture the attention of potential readers. At this current moment, we have no idea what the game is about in any way. For example, we know the name of the game but why does it include guns, terrain, and even a lobby? What makes those parts of the game interesting? Finally, I understand that the language barrier is a problem but proof-reading your requirement threads will add a sense of professionalism to it. Since you mainly speak Spanish, I recommend asking someone that speaks both languages very well. Even a small change like that will do wonders for your recruitment thread.


Hit me up! Sent discord FR! InfinityLooper#7233

Please use the Template! (30char)

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How are profits negotiable?

Accounting profit is Revenue - Explicit Costs
Revenue is the amount of money generated from the game.
Explicit Costs include advertisements, developers, and anything including monetary payment.
I don’t understand how profits are “negotiable” when it is a well-defined equation.

Please use the template stating. This isn’t formatting well and like said it doesn’t explain much.

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