I'm in need of assistance for perfectly positioning mobile support buttons

Hey everyone, So recently I was working on mobile support for my game but I’ve been having problems positioning the buttons.

So I’ve been using Roblox’s ContextActionService to create these buttons and since the buttons are Sized using Offset, the button sizes vary relative to the whole screen on different mobile devices. This also interferes with how I position my buttons because on some screens they are squished together.

I’ve seen some games perfectly position buttons in a circular format and was wondering if anyone had tips.


As seen here, the buttons are poorly placed with different offsets between each.

My question is how do you guys do mobile support and are there any tips for positioning these better.

local TouchGui = PlayerGui:WaitForChild"TouchGui"
		local TouchControlFrame = TouchGui:WaitForChild("TouchControlFrame")
		local JumpButton = TouchControlFrame:WaitForChild("JumpButton")

		local buttons = {"Q", "E", "R", "F", "G", "T"}		 
		local offsets = { {-80,-55}, {-110,-5}, {-90,40}, {-45,80},{10,70},{60,60}}
		for index, Button in ipairs(buttons) do
			ContextActionService:BindAction(Button, mobileActivation, true, Enum.KeyCode[Button], Enum.KeyCode.ButtonR1)
			ContextActionService:SetTitle(Button, Button)
			ContextActionService:SetPosition(Button, UDim2.new(1,JumpButton.Position.X.Offset + offsets[index][1],1,JumpButton.Position.Y.Offset - offsets[index][2]))

This is my attempt to position the buttons relative to the JumpButton hoping it will be in the same position across all screens.