I'm logged in as someone else on the devforums?

The devforums has me logged into an alt account that I haven’t used in a very very long time


edit: Ok now it says I’m OhRenJee in my posts. What is going on.

This is berezaa btw


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I haven’t logged into this account on Roblox in forever… I also never logged out of berezaa. This account shouldn’t have access to the dev forums…


LOL :joy:

When you log in with an alt account on the main site and try to access the devforums, it will give you an option to relink your account. I imagine you pulled up your alt account on a different browser and clicked the button without looking. Log out of your alt account where it’s logged in, if at all still, and then try to re-visit while logged in as your main. It should give you the option to relink.

Did you log into the dev forums from a different browser or something? Try logging out and back in. Investigating as best I can.

I did not open a different browser or even a different computer. This is seriously perplexing me because I haven’t touched this account in forever

That’s weird. Can you try logging out and back in while signed into the main site as berezaa?

This might be a random glitch while logging into the Developer Forum. Please try logging out and log into Roblox on the correct Roblox account then log into the Developer Forum and this might fix the issue. If it doesn’t please let me know and I will investigate further into it.



Logging out and back in on the Roblox website has not fixed it.

Have you tried logging out and back in to RBXDev specifically?

edit: following up on Discord

That fixed it, thanks.