I'm looking for a scripter (pay 500/800 robux)


I’m looking for a scripter for my runobby game, it’s an obby with several game modes in particular 2 at the moment and the first one is finished and the second one can be you who will design it! you should do something similar to this game


but me it should be integrated into my obby

I know that I am explaining poorly I am sorry French

So I would like that when the players it displays a time before the party starts example the game starts in 30 seconds and it takes 6 players.
if there are 6 players and it is 30 seconds the course begins and must arrive before the tsuanami kills you and if you succeed you have a victory in the leaderboards


I can pay between 500 and 800 robux

or in usd

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my discord: Donoozeus # 8529
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Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

500-800 Robux or USD? Or both? Please elaborate!

he did elaborate he said


Yes but 500-800 robux is a huge difference than in USD, 500 USD is 150k robux.

Can you elaborate on what you want the script to be?

If he wishes to pay a mere 800 robux for his scripter it should be clear that he isn’t going to offer 500 USD as an alternative


sorry i mistranslated…

Then what is it? 30chars

I explain everything to you, I’m French sorry if it’s bad explain.

I would like a game mode on my obby, when the player joins the game it puts it in the lobby (image) and for the game to start you need 6 players example, once the 6 players are there the game starts the player starts the obby and after a few seconds after starting a tsunami occur and they must end the obby before dying from the tsunami

I’m talking about the payment, how much do you get in USD?

Here, just use DevEx rates, so 1.75$-2.80$.

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Oh so you go for DevEx rate instead of roblox robux page value? Correct me If I’m wrong.

Yes, when it comes to that stuff, you always use devex rates.

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