I'm looking for any and all feedback regarding this project

I’m looking for any feedback, this includes:

  • Scripting optimization and structure
  • Building and effects tips
  • UI (although limited in this project) tips

For a little background

I created this project a while back when I first discovered my Roblox-Studio hobby, and I’m gonna be quite frank with you: it’s pretty messy. I was proud of the result though, so I opened the project on my account to show some friends. It’s a short sci-fi snippet revolving around a player entering an “Outpost” (as I had it named in Studio). The player clicks on a pedestal, ‘activating’ the outpost with a burst of blue lights.

I’ve decided I wanted to continue this project, but to my now horror, it was awfully built. Don’t get me wrong, the result was beautiful and I still love the look of the project, but at the same time it kind of sucks. Not only is the code written in a way that can hinder much addition to the project, but it also uses functions that have since been deprecated (A.K.A they shouldn’t be used).

I’ve enabled Copying on the project, and it is still public on my profile under “scifi”, found here. I’ve made a list of all the nitpicks I’d like to fix myself, but I’m open to any and all suggestions from the fellow developers, as well as anyone else who’d like to give tips on this Forum. This can be either from just going into the project and looking around, or through opening the project in Studio and giving some feedback on the structure of things. It doesn’t need to be the scripting either, it can be small tips such as the structure of the Outpost, the decor, or anything fun additions I can add to the new project.

Here’s what the project looked like back then

It included:

  • The outpost with pedestal activation
  • Rotating “rings” decor + color-changing books (found inside the outpost)
  • Custom gravity (the player has more gravity inside the outpost); This also happens to be the ‘deprecated’ code (it used Region3)

Looking forward to feedback!

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