I'm looking for Feedback on my new GUI!

I was bored so I made this GUI for fun. How does it look let me know!


It’s looking nice, but the wood doesn’t match with the black background

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Looks decent, there are about two things that make it look a bit funky. The main thing would be the menu with the wooden background compared to the rest of the UI which is just plain black. The last thing that I noticed was the difference in the font size for the secondary options (i.e. “Get Cash”, “Gamepasses”) which just contributes to that “funkiness”. Small tip, I would bevel the main boxes corners more, makes it look modern. Though practice makes perfect and hopefully in a few designs you’ll see yourself improving.

Ok, with the font size that wasn’t my fault. Roblox makes it so when the text is bigger than the box it reduces the size.

Use UITextScaleSomethingTM. Might help you.

UITextSizeConstraint. I generally have mine at a minimum of 11px and a maximum of 36px, much better at making your UI nicer on all screens rather than using TextScaled.