I'm Looking For the Following Positions For A Grand Strategy Game: Modeler(s), Builder(s), Scripter(s), GFX Designer(s), UI Designer(s) [Closed]

The Game Will Be Named Conflict of Worlds [Closed]

About Me & The Project

My name is BlitzPower1000, and I have an idea for a Grand Strategy Game on Roblox. I’ve noticed that the category is lack-lustering and I believe if my ideas are implemented, it could be a great success. If you have no idea of what I grand strategy game is, you can look up Rise of Nations on Roblox, or Hoi4 as an example. The only problem is that I need people for certain positions to help get it done. While I’m also working on another game, I’ll still be putting around 40% of my development focus into this game. I’m looked for the following positions for the game to be completed.

Modelers- Need a person that could make a variety of vehicles and units, like airplanes, tanks, boats, that type of stuff. Guns would likely need to be created too.

Builders- This position I may or may not have, probably won’t be hard, just help with map building with land, and small towns and cities, nothing complex.

Scripters- This would likely be involved around making sure Guis like menus and such would work, the units are able to move around the map and attack, and things along those of lines.

GFX Designer- Person would help create thumbnail and logo for the game.
Ui Designer- This person helps design the menu screens and that field overall.

The Team
Currently Just Me, BlitzPower1000, and I have a map being created, but of course, with others involved, much change would happen and improve overall.

About The Job

Type Of People Needed for the positions been mentioned above. I would like to have people with enough experience with what I mentioned to consider helping me out here. If you do not think you’re qualified or unsure, this may not be for you.

The game likely would take around a maximum of 5 months to be completed if all those positions are filled up, and I think it may be easier work compared to other jobs.


I’m willing to pay based on game earnings, as I believe this is an untapped field and a good profit. I’m willing to take a 15% cut of all earnings or even less, as this isn’t my main game, and each position can earn anywhere from 20% to 40% of all earnings I’ll say every month or two, depending on the amount earned. The more Robux made, I would likely reduce the time before everyone gets their cuts. (Note: I do not plan to make this game pay-to-win or any type of advantage provided with Robux. It’ll likely be skins or other ways we can discuss.)

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum by messaging me if you’re interested or via discord @Clashin Master Jd#3027
You must be 13 years or older to apply, of course.

If the position sounds nice and you would like to stay to help with updates, let me know and you will be able to help, and constant payment from the game will likely occur.

[I already have a team set-up, so I no longer need anyone for any positions. If an opening does come up, I’ll reopen it. If you still want to speak, you can still message me here on the discord.]


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