I'm making high quality graphics for game developers for free [CLOSED]

I’m making high-quality graphics for developers for free. If your game is linked to a group etc, one thing I request is giving me a contribution rank or something along the lines. I’m also using this as an opportunity to build my portfolio a bit better. Anyways, lets get down to it.

Here are three terms I need you to read over first:

  1. The game must be at least 50% completed (I’m trying to help out developers here, but I will not just make graphics for games that are only concept so far) .
  2. I have a right to decline.
  3. If you do have a group linked to it, please do give me a rank like contributor if I do make graphics for you.

Here’s one example of my work:

Now that you’ve read everything, here’s how you can contact me.
You can add my Discord which is Mentroz#3676


Looks nice. I have one question though, if my game is atleast 50% complete can you make concept art for the game? In the case of my game there are multiple groups in the game, If I provide models would you be able to make gfx for it?

Yes I can make graphics if you’re game is 50% completed, and yes I can use the models you provide. I rather go full out than make sketches fyi.

I’ve contacted you on discord! I can’t wait to speak with you!


Alright, I added you back.

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@R3Plicated_Mentroz is a very fast designer. He finished my order in less than an hour and I can tell you that it looks great. If I were you, I’d take your chance and make an order now before he starts to charge you. Amazing job.

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