I'm not good at math. Please help me with the formula to scale a train properly

Hi all,
I’m not that good at maths, so I need your help. I want to scale a train to real scale and I read somewhere that 1 Stud is 0.28 Meters. So what I did is:

0.28 m = 28 cm
Total lenght: 67500 mm = 6750 cm
6750 cm ÷ 28 cm= 241,0714286 ≈ 241.071 Studs

Is this correct? Because I highly doubt this, because it looks to short.
Thanks, @SomeElevatorGuy

It is correct, because 6750 cm is 67.5 meters so 67.5 divided by .28 is 241.071


To add on this, keep in mind Robloxians don’t have the same size ratio as regular humans, so when doing anything to a realistic scale, it will look off compared to real life.

If you want players to be able to play your game in first person, I recommend skewing it especially to a lower height.