I'm not sure how to move body parts into a specific place

I’m new to the Roblox DevForums so, sorry if this has been brought up and answered but, what I’m trying to do is move the body parts in a way the rotate tool won’t let me. Is there a plugin or something I could use to move the body into the place I want it to be?

Think of the way the body parts are angled in “Soul Shatters”. I’m trying to put body parts in those angles.

Old post, doesn’t apply anymore.

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If you mean that rotate tool won’t let you do something because it rotates only by 45 degrees, you need to change snap to grid settings. They are located in the “model” tab. Change it to whatever you want or turn it off to freely rotate and move objects.

I would recommend you using this somewhat outdated (but not broken) plugin.
You have complete freedom with what you want to do with parts (like you can move parts into eachother) by using it.

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